Kara no Shoujo Ramblings (SPOILERS)

Foreword Blog inactive for more than 2 months, Tsun said he’d be back on the 29th but I haven’t seen him, I’m getting rid of the “A closer look at…” category so I can use more amusing titles when (if) I fully revive the blog. (As if it was ever alive) Rather than do full […]

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Dosukebe Futanarikko ga Hitome wo Nusunde Oogoe de Senzuri ~ Asa kara Zusshiri ☆ Milk Pot 1.5L Review

Name: Dosukebe Futanarikko ga Hitome wo Nusunde Oogoe de Senzuri ~ Asa kara Zusshiri ☆ Milk Pot 1.5L (NSFW) ドスケベふたなりっ娘が人目を盗んで大声でセンズリ~朝からずっしり☆ミルクポット1.5L~ Company: Misakura Nankotsu Harthnir (NSFW) みさくらなんこつハースニール Notable aspects: Nukige, futage, ahegao. Translation group: Sanity Ends! Warning: There may be some minor spoilers! Ok.. let’s refer to the eroge as “Milk Pot” from now on. It has already […]

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June 2011 Lyrics Additions

This month’s additions cover all vocals of the Secret Game Code:Revise OST, which sums up to 4 songs. Dread Answer Song: Dread Answer Vocalist: ぐるたみん (Glutamine) Game: シークレットゲーム CODE:Revise (Secret Game Code:Revise) sameta yori wo niramu de towa ni yami wo kakeru sono hitomi uzuku kizuato hiraite ima mo nagare tsuzukeru namida kono mama toki ga […]

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Tales of a PSP Erogamer (With a hell lot of TWOGK)

Once upon a time, there was a very average Erogamer who loved to play.. well, eroges. That very average erogamer decided to take his ero experience to the next level. He bought a PSP. He was surprised, his PSP wasn’t only comfortable to play with, he could play it while he works, without tha boss […]

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#04 A Closer Look at – Grisaia no Kajitsu Sofmap Limited Edition

I recently did some spending again, and you might’ve seen this picture on Twitter before if you’re following me. Most things on the picture are quite obvious, as you can see I bought CDs, books, and games. But just what is that box depicting this character Tsun likes so much? The things on the photo […]

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First Opinion of: Aiyoku no Eustia

Well hi guys and girls It’s been a rather long time since I’ve posted something, so let me apologize for that firsthand. The reason why I was so busy is mostly due to my RL stuff going crazy. Every time I returned from doing my stuff I always took a bath and then went directly […]

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May 2011 Lyrics Additions

On the 1st of May I made a new addition to the blog: Lyrics. As the name says, it is a page dedicated to lyrics, particularly lyrics from songs coming from eroge. The list of lyrics grows from time to time, it’s growth will be documented every month and so I present to you: May […]

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Know Your Enemy – A Story About an Erogamer and His Lolis

So I saw M3rryweather showing off his incredible verbal skills by just reading a post warum made, he should seriously consider becoming a voice actor, I’m not joking. warum also made a recording in response, but since he was too embarrassed he never got around publishing it. It took me lot’s of begging until he finally […]

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#03 A Closer Look at – Animecon 2011

First of all, I want to apologize for taking so long to the point of finishing it on the last day of the week, that is, if you don’t consider Sunday the first day of the week. I was still recovering from weariness and writing in my own log for myself, but in the end […]

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Starting off, a little news post: My noble works review is completely stalled, by reasons you will learn about in this post. Jun’s post is in the making, since he was on a 3 day convention, and he’s making the post about it… but he needs some time to summarize all his ideas and all, […]



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